Job Opening for 2022-2023

Community Floats in Denver, Colorado, US

Job description:
Take direction from the lead teacher and follow through.
It is the floaters responsibility to be familiar with all of the teachers and all of the children.
When entering a classroom you must ask the teachers: “How many children are in the classroom?” and “Who is the oldest and the youngest?”
Be aware of the needs of each classroom. This means that they must be alert and listen for calls for assistance from children or staff members.
When responding to a call for assistance, the floater should ask the teacher for instructions. Ask questions and request guidance any time it is necessary.
Model kindness, responsibility, and peaceful interactions for the children.
Manage daily transitions with the children using loving guidance and firm expectations.
Ask questions and request guidance any time it is necessary.
Refer all significant parent questions and concerns to the lead guide.
Perform daily classroom maintenance duties such as snack & lunch preparation as well as daily disinfection of classroom materials.
Work with leadership to develop an individual professional development plan.
Participate positively as a member of the school, handle conflict well with colleagues, and avoid gossip.
Attend all staff meetings and professional development days.
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