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Upper Elementary Teacher in Waco, Texas, US

1. General Position Summary

The Upper Elementary Teacher is a friendly, innovative, energetic individual dedicated to providing a high-fidelity Montessori environment for children 9-12 years old. Maintaining an open, loving, and cooperative environment for each child and encouraging families to be actively involved in their education are all part of the job of an Upper Elementary Teacher. The teacher is a representative and advocates for the child and Montessori education to parents and the community. He/She should communicate clearly concerning issues that are in the best interest of the child and in keeping with Montessori philosophy.

2. Qualifications
Minimum Education/Certification:

Montessori 9-12 certification (AMS, AMI, or MACTE) required; willingness to become certified within the first two years of employment and commit at least 3 additional years to the school.
Bachelor’s Degree required, Elementary Education or related field preferred
Pediatric First Aid/CPR or willingness to obtain certification upon hire
Must pass a background check

Essential Characteristics:
Meet the child’s needs physically, socially, and emotionally.
Maintain an open, loving, and cooperative environment for all children.
Have an inherent love for this stage of development.
Possess the ability to create and implement specific lessons to meet the children’s varying needs.
Be a strong model for assistants and others in the classroom and school community.
Special Knowledge/Skills:

Demonstrated proficiency in working effectively and positively with a variety of people.
Ability to creatively problem solve.
Ability to counsel children and parents.
Ability to use a computer for record-keeping and communicating with stakeholders.
Ability to organize materials, and coordinate plans with assistants, teaching team, and administrators.

3. Working Conditions

Physical Demands:
Ability to think clearly and respectfully with children, parents, and coworkers. Must be able to sit on the floor, walk, reach, climb, stoop, kneel and lift up to 30 pounds.
Working in a school environment while dealing daily with children, coworkers, administration, parents, volunteers, and parents.

4. Terms of Employment
Number of Days for Position: 184 days 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, some evening and weekend events; Class Trip 4-night travel with students during the spring
Salary is based on experience and qualifications. Stipend for Class Trip.

5. Essential Responsibilities:

Establish the morning and afternoon work cycle and give lessons in alignment with the Montessori philosophy.
Assist students toward self-directed learning and normalization.
Provide differentiated lessons based on student needs.
Implement and update curriculum in alignment with Montessori philosophy utilizing Montessori materials as the foundation for instruction.
Implement any supplemental curriculum on rare occasions, as student needs dictate.
Plan, prepare, and maintain all units of study, including Montessori materials.
Oversight of the development of community partnerships.
Follow the school’s policies and procedures for student evaluation and record keeping, meeting all deadlines.
Carefully observe and keep daily records of each student’s individual progression through the classroom.
Plan and execute field trips (including overnight class trips) that fit the mission, curriculum, and goals of the Elementary program.
Create and implement parent education content and programs.
Collaborate with a larger team of elementary teachers to support a holistic program.
Create, design, and develop the prepared environment implementing Montessori 9-12 curriculum according to the specifics provided by the school.
Develop and implement lesson plans to meet the needs of each child enrolled in the classroom.
Give lessons one-on-one or group basis and assist students who may have trouble grasping concepts.
Conduct observations and assessments on students to determine academic needs and provide a rich and challenging environment.
Utilize provided planning time to meet with parents, create lesson plans, change materials, observe specials and after-school programs to support children from the classroom, meet with the teaching team to discuss best practices, and complete record keeping.
Collaborate with Lower Elementary teachers to ensure that children are equipped to successfully transition to the fourth level by the time they leave the third level.
Partner and communicate effectively with the parents, discussing their children’s progress via day-to-day interactions, class email updates, and conferences.
Assume significant responsibility for maintaining a child until the conclusion of the sixth level year.
Communicate with the children using language and tone of voice that is authentic, natural, patient, and, most importantly, kind.
Promote feelings of security and trust in the children by encouraging and supporting them when necessary through activities and practical life skills.
Respond quickly and in a soothing fashion to the distressed student and ensure they are immediately comforted.
Follow the children’s and the classroom’s energy rather than conforming to a strict schedule designed by the adult.
Oversee and engage children during recess; ensure that activities are stimulating, age-appropriate, and safe.
Maintain a positive work environment among all staff that is professional, kind, and inclusive.
Guide the teaching team in understanding the nuances of childhood development, the prepared environment, and how to partner with colleagues and parents.
Participate in weekly team meetings that follow an agenda of school/class updates, child-specific information, discussion of materials and/or rotating materials, and additional training or resources for colleagues.
Act as a resource for the Upper Elementary Community.
Embrace continuous learning by utilizing professional development days and funds to enrich practice.
Embody the Waco Montessori School mission.

6. Communication

Facilitate a respectful environment for children and adults by advocating conflict resolution and Grace and Courtesy Lessons.
Work to develop close and effective relationships with families, including opportunities to discuss and understand the child’s individual progress.
Schedule and work with other colleagues to facilitate parent and community events.

7. Professional Responsibilities

Participate in professional activities designated by the school administration, including in-service activities, parent events, committees, staff meetings, etc.
Maintain a neat, well-organized, and attractive prepared environment consistent with Montessori pedagogy.
Participate in the admission process by speaking with prospective families and meeting prospective students as requested by the administration.
Other duties as assigned.

8. Confidentiality
This position will have access to and knowledge of personal information for students and their families.

Special qualifications:

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