Job Opening for 2023-2024

Upper Elementary Teacher in Malta, New York, US

The Malta Montessori School in Malta, NY seeks experienced Upper Elementary Montessori Teacher for the 2023-2024 school year. Qualified candidates will hold at minimum Bachelors and Montessori Elementary training from an accredited AMS (American Montessori Society) or MACTE training center. Willing to send exceptional 6-9 trained candidate for 9-12 training. Candidates must have a love for Montessori education, respect for all children, excellent communication skills and the ability to think creatively. His or her duties include lesson planning for a group and individual, record keeping on Transparent Classroom, completing progress reports, parent teacher meetings, effectively managing the class and assistant teachers and implementing the Montessori philosophy. Compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience.

Benefits include summers off, paid sick and personal time off, vacations during the school year for holidays, health care, opportunity to attend AMS national conference, and tuition discount for teacher’s child.

This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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