Job Opening for 2021-22

Upper Elementary Lead Teacher in Bellingham, Washington

Upper Elementary Montessori Classroom Lead Teacher (ages 9-12)
Those who are passionate about the process of learning and who have experience supporting the social,
emotional and cognitive needs of 9-12 year old students should apply. We are a caring, dedicated
community of students, parents and teachers located in Bellingham, Washington. We treasure each
child’s special personality and unique set of abilities. Each classroom is designed to provide a rich and
stimulating environment in which each child can develop academically at their own pace. Social skills are
taught and modeled. Children role-play strategies and are guided on the playground and in the
classroom to use these techniques. Cooperation and conflict resolution create a peaceful, productive,
happy classroom atmosphere. Together as a team, we each uniquely cultivate a passion for learning,
advance academic skills, and promote peace and global awareness in a nurturing community.
● Classroom Instruction: September 1, 2021- June 16, 2022
● Planning/Classroom Preparation begins August 2021
Compensation Package:
● Competitive Salary DOE: ($38,000-$43,000)
● Vacation and Paid Time off
● Full Medical Benefits
Upper Elementary Lead Teacher Required Qualifications:
● Minimum 5 or more years’ experience working with ages 9-12 in a classroom setting
● Montessori Upper Elementary Certification from AMS or MACTE accredited institute
● Strong community building and relationship skills
● Strong verbal, non-verbal and written communication skills
● Technical skills that support recordkeeping and parent communication (Google, Transparent
● Demonstrated desire and ability to develop a strong connection with children and families
● Effective time management and organizational skills
● Current First Aid, CPR and BBP Training certificate
● Desire and demonstrated ability to collaborate with colleagues
Elementary Lead Responsibilities:
● Prepare materials, lessons, and other needs necessary for the classroom in accordance with
Montessori philosophy
● Attend all school meetings and school related functions (staff meetings, grade-level meetings,
parent education, potlucks etc.)
● Establish and maintain good communications with parents through parent conferences,
meetings, informal communication, emails, and the classroom newsletter
● Lesson planning, providing one on one lessons and guiding students 9-12 years old
● Observing and tracking student learning

● Supporting each child to learn at their own pace
● Guiding children towards autonomy, curiosity, and respect
● Supervising lunch and playground activities; keeping children safe, engaged and having fun
● Collaborating with families to meet student needs
● Contributing ideas in staff and grade level meetings
● Collaborate and support assistant teachers in the Upper Elementary classroom
● Provide direction to assistant teachers to create an organized and harmonious classroom.
● Participate in community outreach activities
Desired Skills:
● Demonstrated understanding of growth mindset for classroom instruction, professional and
personal growth
● Experience incorporating Mindfulness techniques into a Montessori classroom
● Outdoor Education background experience
● Current Washington State Teaching Certificate
● BA or MA in Elementary Education
Job Type: Full-time
● Monday to Friday following the academic year.
COVID-19 considerations: All children and staff are required to wear masks at all times except at meal
times and follow current school protocol.
● English (Required)
Work authorization:
● United States (Required)

This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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