Job Opening for 2024-25

Upper Elementary 11 9-12 Guide in Oviedo, Florida, US

We believe in fostering independence, curiosity, and letting a love for learning flourish in our students, and we are seeking a dedicated Montessori Certified Elementary Teacher to join our team!

About us: Tuskawilla Montessori Academy is an accredited Montessori school serving the surrounding Orlando area for over 35 years. Our main campus is on 5-acres, housing 4 classroom buildings for ages 3 thru 14, including a pool, gymnasium, tennis and basketball courts, multiple playgrounds as well as a Land Lab that holds our garden and chickens.

Job Description: You will be responsible for creating a stimulating and engaging learning environment that supports the intellectual, emotional, and social development of your students.

Primary duties include:

+ Designing and implementing Montesori lessons and activities that align with our curriculum and philosophy.
+ Facilitate student-led learning experiences and encourage independent exploration and discovery.
+ Creating a supportive and respectful classroom culture that promotes collaboration, communication and critical thinking.
+ Provide individualized instructions and support the diverse needs and learning styles of each student.
+ Collaborate with colleagues, parents, and administrators to ensure overall success and well-being of our students.


+ Montessori Elementary II certification from a recognized Montessori training program
+ Bachelor’s degree in Education or related field
+ Strong knowledge of child development principles and Montessori Philosophy
+ Previous experience teaching in a Montessori elementary is strongly preferred.
+ Excellent communication, organizational and interpersonal skills
+ Commitment to ongoing professional development


+ Competitive salary commensurate with experience and qualifications
+ Supportive and collaborative work environment
+ Paid time off and Holidays

If you are passionate about Montessori and dedicated to empowering students to reach their full potential, we invite you to apply for the teaching position. We look forward to meeting you!

This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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