Job Opening for 2024-25

Toddler Lead Teacher in Cary, North Carolina, US

Job Description: Lead Guide (“Teacher”)

Reports to: Head of School, (“Director”)

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Arrive promptly daily to assist in preparation of the classroom.

Prepare a classroom environment that facilitates the students beginning their work cycle at 8:30 a.m. Work cycle is to last at minimum one (1) hour for Toddlers and at minimum three (3) hours for Children’s House. The work cycle will involve open shelves in the classroom facilitating freedom of choice within limits for the children, demonstrations, and lessons.

Observations are consistently conducted and documented for each individual child.

Ensure the students receive one (1) hour daily of outdoor playtime, weather permitting.

Be responsible for the welfare, safety, and educational milestones of students. Required to complete occurrence report for student injuries and obtain parent signature on the occurrence report or notify parents via Brightwheel.  If there is uncertainty as to whether the injury merits a phone call to the student’s family, the teacher is responsible for receiving clarification and instruction from the Administration.

Change out the works and refresh the materials on the shelves according to curriculum to maintain a lively, interesting, prepared classroom environment that follows the interest of your classroom children.

Meet with families to hold meetings regarding moving up from Toddler to Children’s House, specifying the milestones needed to move up, and the expectations to look forward to.

Take initiative to hold open and caring communication with other Leads regarding any pertinent matters regarding students each Lead has a common interest and interaction with.

Provide a bilingual Spanish and English Montessori classroom.  Both English and Spanish are spoken in the classroom.  We are not a full emersion school.  We are a bilingual school.

Implement strategies and procedures provided by the Operations Director, based on the observations they make of your classroom and/or any policy and procedure implementations or revisions.

Perform tasks necessary to maintain a clean, orderly, and attractive Montessori environment including upkeep and inventory of materials. Responsible for sharing the workload in classroom cleanliness.

Attend faculty meetings and in-service days.

Complete and maintain all records, reports, evaluations, inventories and student records and tests in a timely manner as required by School.

Provide parent conferences, meetings, and communication throughout the school year in accordance with school policy.

Promptly provide parent teacher conference forms, (signed by both the teacher and the parents) to the Director within 10 (ten) working days.

Read, work, and always conduct oneself within the guidelines of the Employee Handbook.

Conduct new student interviews/child meetings, as needed.

Be responsible for any school keys assigned, reporting their loss immediately to the administration.

Serve as the point of contact for all parent communication involving students in the teacher’s classroom.

Be prepared to be in communication with student’s parents regarding special difficulties, needs, or extra support involving their child.

Call to the attention of the Director any students in the teacher’s classroom experiencing an ongoing need for additional support.

Meet with Director to plan curriculum direction as needed.

Attend and participate in school functions that relate to position or teaching level and attending functions in support of the school community.

Participate in support duties outside of classroom duties, (carpool, school community chores, schoolwide shared celebration activities, parent education sessions).

Work with students of various abilities assigned to classroom, including those with learning differences. Teacher required as needed, to participate in meetings, training, and planning cooperatives to fully serve each child’s needs.

Understand and promote the school’s mission, purposes and objectives and policies to parents in a positive and supportive manner.

Participating in class field trips and acting in a supervisory capacity.

Conduct oneself professionally by respecting student confidentiality.

Serve as a role model amongst staff regarding mature, reasonable, and respectful communication with students, co-workers, and parents.

Work out differences in a mature, gracious, courteous, and reasonable manner with co-workers and communicate unresolved concerns to the Director.

Communicate with the Operations Director to solve problems as necessary as they may be related to topics with the school, families, staff, or staff member’s performance.

Fill out and discuss teacher self-evaluations as required.

Special qualifications: Infant Toddler Montessori Certification

This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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