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Spanish-speaking Early Childhood Guide in Chicago, Illinois

Spark Montessori in Chicago is an authentic Montessori school that seeks a Spanish speaking Montessori trained teacher to co-lead our Spanish-English Dual Language program. This person will co-lead a classroom with another trained Montessori teacher and present lessons in Spanish.

Please note: This is currently a transitional classroom that has a range of 2-3 year old children enrolled. These children will stay in this classroom as it moves from a transitional classroom to a full Primary classroom. Our ideal candidate will be one who will embrace and support the current academic, social, and emotional needs of the children while also looking ahead to support the continued development and growth of the children, environment, and overall program.

Key Candidate Skills and Attributes: 

  • Alignment with organizational mission and values (see below)
  • Fluency in Spanish and English
  • Passion for the Montessori pedagogy and working with young children
  • Adaptive and supportive to the needs of the children and the overall school community
  • An independent thinker with a bias towards purposeful action
  • Exhibit patience, organization, and leadership in the classroom
  • Ability to collaborate with other Montessori teachers in the classroom
  • Receptive to input, feedback, and ideas
  • Willing and able to creatively and proactively solve problems
  • Commitment to continuous professional development and growth

Credential Requirements:

  • MACTE accredited certification at the Primary level (2.5-6)
  • At least 3 years of experience working in a Montessori classroom
  • Meet the DCFS requirements for a teacher

Compensation: Compensation will be competitive and based on experience.

Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K, Professional Development Support, Tuition Remission, Paid Breaks, Holidays, Personal, and Sick Days

School Location: 4326 N California Ave. Chicago, IL

Spark Montessori’s Mission

Provide an authentic, dedicated, and modern Montessori experience for children so that they may discover and nurture the unique Spark within themselves, build self-discipline, awareness, intellectual independence, and competence through important reality-oriented, sensory focused works, and apply their skills and passion towards constructing a happy, fulfilled, self-actualized life.

Spark Montessori’s Organizational Values

Commitment to Montessori Principles/Practices: Spark Montessori will approach every school decision with a commitment to the core principles of a Montessori education.

Respect for the Child and Childhood: Children are capable of far more than they are given credit for. They have their own unique needs, ideas, and passions that must be respected, cherished, and supported. Similarly, childhood is a short, yet critical period of time that needs to be protected from the pressures and politics of the adult world.

Support the Whole Child and the Whole Family: The modern child and the modern family have needs that go beyond academics and childcare. Spark Montessori will strive to provide an environment that supports the whole child at their own personal stage of development. And provide opportunities for families to build memories, learn, and grow together.

Growth Mindset: There are no fixed human qualities. Everyone is capable of growth with the right mindset. We become what we focus and work on and so we will focus on the things that we can change and influence.

Collaborative Culture with Open Door Policies: Great things happen when people with unique talents and passions collaborate to create something of value. This requires open communication and leadership that is receptive to continuous improvement and engagement. Parents will feel open to engage through open, continuous feedback loops that listen and adapt when appropriate.

Community Outreach & Engagement: There are countless opportunities to engage with the community at large. This includes community organizations, public facilities, and local businesses. Spark Montessori will actively build those connections so that it may have a broader impact and expose children to the ‘real world’ and community in which they live.

Open to Modern Research and Technologies at Appropriate Ages: The world is changing quickly and so we must be willing to evolve with modern research on child development without compromising the underlying philosophy of Montessori.

Approach the World with Joy and Reverence: When we are present in the world, we build a sense of reverence for all of the beauty and joy that is possible.

If interested in this opportunity to join our leadership team, we would love to speak with you. Please send your resume to Sara Hruska ( and schedule time to speak.
Credential Level: Credential Required (level not specified)
Education Required: High School
Job Type: Classroom Teacher/Staff
Position Type: Full-Time (12 mos.)
This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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