Job Opening for 2022-2023

Montessori Teacher in Atlanta, Georgia, US

Job description:
Montessori Teacher Responsibilities:
       Observing, guiding, supervising, and assessing children while they learn in the classroom environment.
       Developing lesson plans, independent learning exercises, curricula, and methods that cater to the needs of the individual child.
       Creating and maintaining a safe, clean, stimulating classroom where all children feel safe and valued.
       Establishing rapport and building relationships with students based on trust.
       Setting an excellent example for students and instilling good values in them like honesty, accountability, understanding, tolerance, respect, love, and kindness.
       Monitoring and assessing student progress and writing up reports.
       Ensuring classroom supplies and equipment are available and in working condition.
       Updating records on the school database and handling various other administrative tasks.
       Participating in school activities and accompanying students on field trips.
       Interviewing and assisting with the training of all new teachers.

Montessori Teacher Requirements:
       Bachelor’s degree in early childhood teaching, education, or a related discipline is recommended.
       Completed training at an accredited Montessori Center.
       Additional courses or training in education would be advantageous.
       Passionate about alternative education.
       An ability to teach groups of children of varying ages, needs, and abilities.
       Patience and excellent observational, communication, and diagnostic skills.
       The ability to multitask, keep calm under pressure, and treat everyone with love and respect.
       Excellent planning and organizational skills.
       A lifelong learner who can be a good role model for children.

Special qualifications:  Min 3-5 years of experience

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