Job Opening for 2022-2023

School Director in Atlanta, Georgia, US

Job description:
School Director Responsibilities:
       Oversee the daily operation of the preschool.
       Manage staff in collaboration with the principal.
       Create policies and develop curricula which conform to the state requirements.
       Ensure that the property is well-maintained.
       Manage financial transactions and prepare budgets.
       Maintain the school website and social media.
       Schedule training of CPR and First Aid for all members of staff.
       Identify and schedule fundraising events.
       Schedule on-going training of teachers.
       Oversee the planning and preparation of meals for the children.

School Director Requirements:
       Degree in early childhood development or related field.
       Certification from the National Child Care Association (NAC) if applicable to the state.
       State license.
       Child Care Administrator License if applicable.
       Minimum of 3 years’ experience in this role.
       Minimum of 3 years’ classroom experience.
       Strong leadership and administrative skills.
       Love for children and passion for teaching.
       No criminal record or child-related offences.

Special qualifications:  Min 5-7 years of experience

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