Job Opening for 2023-2024

Primary Lead Teacher 3-6 in Gainesville, Florida, US

Job description:
Lead Teacher Early Childhood Class
Ages 3-6 Years

The lead teacher is responsible for designing and implementing daily curriculum and schedules while working with the assistant teacher to provide a stable, gentle, safe Montessori environment. The teacher will present lessons in the Montessori materials and oversee appropriate socialization and interaction. The lead teacher will communicate with parents, administration, and staff regarding daily, monthly, and yearly activities. The lead teacher needs to have a love for the young child and meet the physical demands of working with the young child. The lead teacher has a warm and friendly personality, be sensitive to the feelings and needs of others, be able to relate well to children, and fulfills responsibilities in accordance with Montessori philosophy while using a quiet voice in the classroom.

Work Hours:     8:30 am – 4:00 pm; school days to be decided by the yearly school calendar, attending two Parent Nights a year, report card conferences, a parent orientation, and any other events announced by administration during the school year.

BA or BS, four-year degree or higher; early childhood education preferred
Early Childhood Montessori Certification; 3-6 AMS; MACTE accredited or in training
Physical ability to work on the floor, sit, bend, stoop, and lift as needed
CPR and First Aid Certification, Bloodborne Pathogens Training (provided by MMS)
Pass local and national background screening (provided by MMS)

Montessori Specific:
Maintain Montessori materials within the classroom.
Organize the monthly unit materials in a Montessori format
Present Montessori lessons following scope and sequence as appropriate for each child
Demonstrate order for the child by personally following the rules of the classroom
Educate parents about the Montessori Curriculum and Philosophy

Monthly calendars created and sent home to parents and the front office
Beginning of the year, information is transmitted to the front office, parents
Keep open lines of communication between class and home
Return calls or emails from parents daily as needed
Answer emails or inquiries from the front office daily
Email or send home reminders regarding upcoming class events or volunteering opportunities in a timely manner
Complete report card forms quarterly, arrange conference times twice a year to discuss report cards with parents
Complete documentation when a child is having adjustment issues needs testing, or other items need to be addressed
Communicate expectations and requests to assist teachers
Post lists for items required during the year
Communicate with specialty teachers

Assistant Teacher:
Interview applicants for the assistant teacher position
Inform the assistant teacher of expectations and duties within the classroom
Instruct assistant teacher on classroom protocols and procedures as well as Montessori philosophy and practice
Document if an assistant teacher is not meeting expectations and meets with the assistant teacher regarding noncompliance if necessary
In case of your absence, provide daily lessons for the assistant teacher

Treat each student with dignity and respect
Adhere to school safety policies and procedures
Ensure the safety of the children at all times
Demonstrate a gentle body, kind voice, and gentle hands during the day
Enforce rules and expectations as explained to the students and parents
Encourage self-direction and self-reliance in the students
Be comfortable removing a child from a dangerous situation, including physically, if required
Ensure the classroom is clean and arranged each morning appropriately
Inform the assistant of any daily schedule changes
Give lessons, group, and individual, during the work cycle
Plan classroom art activities
Plan monthly unit studies
Arrange Montessori lessons monthly as new work is added
Write accident or discipline reports as required, providing copies to the front office and parents
Meet with parents within the first few weeks of the school year if a student is having difficulty adjusting to the classroom environment.
Be encouraging and positive to assistant teachers and other co-workers
Be a positive face of the school in interaction with all parents, even if they are not members of your classroom
Be familiar with and engage in the practice of Conscious Discipline
Create clear expectations for students during different times of the day, including the playground, work cycle, and specialty teachers’ group times
Maintain current and accurate classroom records concerning the children, such as attendance, anecdotal records, and reports
Monitor the social, educational, and physical development of all students
Include holiday celebrations for multicultural families in the curriculum
Dress professionally and behave in a professional manner
Support the efforts of the PTO and attend at least one of 4 scheduled evening meetings

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