Job Opening for 2022-2023

Primary Lead Guide in Chantilly, Virginia, US

We are a Montessori school seeking a full-time Lead Teacher for our Primary program for the fall of 2022. Official start date would be August 25th, 2022. Bachelor’s Degree is a requirement. Previous classroom experience is also expected.

AMI/AMS/MACTE accredited credentials are required. Candidates, who are currently enrolled is one of the above-mentioned programs will also be considered for this position. We are looking for someone who loves children, is patient and dependable, and is committed to the Montessori philosophy.

We are a close-knit school community with a warm and welcoming work atmosphere. We are very supportive of all our teachers and staff members.

Our purpose is to provide a holistic Montessori education to our children while providing continuous support to our parental community through workshops, meetings and online tools.

If interested, please respond with your resume to

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