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Primary Classroom Assistant in Greenwood, Indiana

Primary Classroom Assistant

Job Type

Full-time, Hourly



Montessori training; MACTE accredited institution (Preferred)

Montessori classroom experience (Preferred)

High school or equivalent (Required)


Full Job Description

Montessori Classroom – contracted position

Roles and Responsibilities

The primary role of the classroom assistant is to ensure that the lead guide is free to present lessons to children. The assistant’s role is important to the success of the Montessori classroom. The assistant is responsible for the entire classroom when the lead guide is occupied. The assistant maintains the environment by the cleanliness of the materials, the shelves, and the room. In addition, the classroom assistant is responsible for helping children prepare morning snack, oversee rest time, and working with the children until their drop off and pickup time.


Other Classroom Expectations Include:

− Complete daily and weekly cleaning to maintain cleanliness and order for the classroom.

− Help lead guide prepare for lessons by getting materials ready, setting up work and cleaning materials.

− Supervise students in classroom during class time, lunch, outside time, and drop off and pickup time.

− Reinforce lessons presented by the lead guide by reviewing material with students one-on-one or in small groups.

− Enforce school and class rules to help teach students proper behavior.

− Model good behavior so children learn the grace and courtesy of the environment as well as socially acceptable behavior.

− Aide lead guide with recordkeeping, such as tracking attendance and tracking lessons given.

− Discuss assigned duties with lead guide to coordinate efforts.

− Observe students’ performance and work and record relevant data and observation.

− Laminate, copy and reproduce Montessori materials as needed for classroom use.

− Additional responsibilities as assigned by lead guide and head of school.

School Expectations:

− Attendance to staff meetings, open houses, family conferences, parent education nights and fundraising events. (Paid)

− Facilitate care during the school breaks. (Fall, spring, and summer)


Daily Schedule:

  • Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

Please send resume to: Center Grove Montessori, 1607 West Smith Valley Road, Greenwood, IN 46142

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