Job Opening for 2020

Music Teacher in Newport, New Hampshire

Newport Montessori School, Newport, NH, seeks Music Specialist.

Our school offers Music as a specialty class to all ages and grade levels. This is a one day a week position that will teach two sections of preschool, one of kindergarten, one of lower elementary (grades 1 &2), one of upper elementary (grades 3, 4, &5), and one of middle school (grades 6, 7, &8). The classes differ in time depending on the age of the class. Our youngest students have 30 minute classes while our oldest have 60 minutes classes. There are approximately 35 Music days in the school year (due to holidays, snow days). The goal of our Music curriculum is to expose students to music and movement. We do hold one large Winter Concert (at our town’s Opera House) to show case all students during the month of December. We have a myriad of musical instruments available at our school: guitars, piano, triangles, recorders, egg shakers which can supplement the weekly music lessons. Past music teachers have offered individual instrument lessons during the school day; they contract individually with each student’s family for payment for these lessons.


It is a one day a week position that pays $120-$125 depending on experience.


Interested folks should send: resume, cover letter, 3 letters of rec, copies of relevant certifications (CPR, First Aid, FEMA), and transcripts.


Send to:  Christy Whipple/PO Box 634/Newport, NH 03773

This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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