Job Opening for 2024-25

Montessori Early Childhood Education Teacher in Muncie, Indiana, US

Assist in the achievement of the short and long-term educational goals of the school corporation.
Serve as the instructional leader in the classroom.
Develop and implement a true Montessori curriculum that aligns with the developmental needs of Pre-K and Kindergarten students.
Provide a respectful and inclusive environment that supports each child’s cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual growth.

Encourage students through a positive personal attitude to utilize every opportunity for a constructive learning experience.
Systematically acquire knowledge about individual students for helping them plan and conduct needed learning experiences.
Teach students the skills for recognizing fact, opinion, theory, approximation, bias, and propaganda, and for evaluating each in terms of personal value.

Participate in curricular and program development with principals, supervisors, and department chairpersons for initiating curricular improvements meeting students’ needs.
Assume active participation in in-service programs for professional improvement.
Observe established policies of the corporation and school; make recommendations for changes in policies when advisable.
Communicate regularly with parents, providing updates on students’ progress and creating a solid partnership between home and school.

Conduct individual meetings with prospective parents and students to discuss the Montessori program.
Sponsor and supervise reasonable extracurricular assignments, chaperon school events, and monitor assigned areas.
Involve the students and parents, when feasible, in planning, implementing, and evaluating units of study.
Execute teaching activities in a constructive and meaningful manner.
Carefully observe and maintain daily records of each student’s progression.
Administer and organize various administrative tasks related to student records.
Establish and maintain a classroom true to the Montessori Philosophy.
Plan, prepare, and maintain all units of study, including Montessori materials, thematic units, and library resources.
Schedule all guest presenters and organize field trips to enhance the educational experience.
Collaborate with the Program Coordinator at Camp Adventure to ensure weekly outdoor education field trips.
Supervise classroom assistants and interns, providing guidance and support.
Demonstrate leadership in fostering a warm and welcoming atmosphere within the classroom.
Perform other duties assigned by the direct supervisor, Principal and Director of Public Education & CEO.

Special qualifications:  Applicants must possess certification from MACTE accredited institutions or from recognized Montessori organizations such as AMI and AMS, including our affiliating organization, IMC (International Montessori Council).

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This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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