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Montessori Director of Teaching and Learning in Elk River, Minnesota, US

Job description:
Three Rivers Montessori is looking for a full-time Montessori Director of Teaching and Learning to serve our kindergarten through 6th grade students for the 2023-2024 school year. We are a public tuition-free elementary school serving students from Elk River Minnesota and the surrounding communities. We are looking for a dedicated and passionate individual to support our mission of  “Empowering students to reach their full potential through authentic Montessori learning.”

This full-time position includes 75% medical and dental benefits employer paid for the individual, 10 holidays paid, 7.5% employer-paid retirement, 100% life insurance, 100% long-term disability and short-term disability options, plus additional optional benefits. In addition, administration staff accrue two days of PTO per month with additional flex days included. Employees are paid twice monthly on the 15th and last day of the month. This position also includes 10 paid holidays; see the calendar for specific days.

We believe equal opportunity is extremely important and every employee and student is unique in their own way. We strive to create an open, inclusive, and equal environment in which every individual has the opportunity to flourish.

Summary of Position
Three Rivers Montessori’s administrators are instrumental in building the foundation of our school setting. To be effective, you will need to collaborate with all departments, manage multiple tasks in a fast paced setting, and intuitively problem solve to identify specific staff, student, and family needs and create Montessori programming to support each unique learner and staff member.

Our team members are passionate about Montessori and providing an authentic experience for their students. We anticipate this role to provide on-site Montessori training with all of our educators and staff to realize our mission of providing an authentic Montessori program for our stakeholders. We work to cultivate a culture where we all learn and grow together.

Job Duties

Primary Purpose:
Ensure training and mentoring of all Montessori teachers, paraprofessionals, and educational assistants. Develop, maintain, oversee, and implement an in-house Montessori training program in alignment with MDE and authorizer assessment requirements. Develop instructional materials, strategies, and conduct oversight of the Montessori program. Ensure the enrichment and engagement of all students in rigorous, relevant learning in alignment with the TRM Montessori training program. Oversee and develop the school’s behavior management plan in alignment with Montessori strategies and methods. Provide an honest, respectful, caring, and safe environment for all stakeholders. Responsible to meet the mission, vision, and values of the school.


Responsible for development, maintenance, oversight, and implementation of a TRM specific Montessori training program for licensed teaching staff and classroom support staff:
Develop a 1-2 year Montessori training and refresher program for licensed teachers to work through in alignment with AMI/AMS certification (including ongoing support and training for AMI/AMS certified staff)
Maintain the training program and ensure it is monitored and adjusted as needed
Train, supervise, and mentor licensed teachers on the use of all Montessori didactic materials and resources
Provide additional training, follow up, and mentorship as needed to ensure sustainability of the training program; creation of a set yearly training schedule
Develop, maintain, oversee, and implement specific training for paraprofessionals and educational assistant staff to be implemented on a continual basis

Montessori mentoring and support of the classroom environment:

Ensure the teacher is supported in the creation and maintenance of the classroom environment and knows how to properly implement and store materials
Provides mentoring and guidance for teaching staff and assistants on methods for adjusting the Montessori learning to meet the student where they are at
Collaborates with building leadership to recommend students for the Student Assistance team (SAT) and oversees SAT
Supports teaching staff and assistants to provide instruction to students in a manner, which incorporates best Montessori teaching practices
Meets, at least, monthly with each teacher to ensure Montessori training targets are being implemented with fidelity and teachers are receiving proper Montessori mentoring
Meets with educational assistants, at least, monthly to ensure Montessori training targets are being implemented with fidelity and assistants have the supports they need to assist the teaching staff
Develop and Maintain Montessori Curriculum Supports:

Develop and maintain Montessori curriculum supports such as “one-pagers” to use as guides for Montessori implementation
Maintain and continually develop Montessori albums to support teaching and support staff in Montessori curriculum implementation
Create a training manual in alignment with the full training program development
Oversight of the Environmental Learning Plan, including, implementation, staff training, and authorizer reporting

Assessment Oversight:

Oversight of the Data Assessment Coordinator and all school-wide testing throughout the year
Planning and reporting on the assessment calendar yearly
Academic reporting to authorizer, board, and Executive Director for all assessments throughout the year
Identification and alignment of diagnostic assessments with Montessori method and didactic materials
Supervision and support of all progress monitoring and benchmark reporting to bridge the general education to special education supports
Analysis of NWEA Map and MCA testing results to align Montessori programming toward data driven decision making

Behavior Programming:

Ensure implementation of Responsibility Centered Discipline is maintained with fidelity amongst all staff
Respond proactively to behavior needs as they arise
Provide support for students, staff, and families with chronic behavior concerns
Communicate with families regarding student behavior and ensure they understand the Montessori methods and strategies to support student positive behavior
Ensure the overall behavior program development aligns with Montessori grace and courtesy expectations

As needed, communicate effectively with parents/families regarding the Montessori program through conferences, written documents, telephone, and other forms of communication:

Maintain effective working relationships with staff to meet the needs of students
Collaborate with support staff and teachers; work effectively with Special Education and general education staff and attend meetings; communicate accurately and constructively while preserving confidentiality
Provide timely and relevant feedback to all parents and families as needed

Operational/Supervisory Responsibilities:

Administrative oversight of the building in collaboration with the Executive Director
Acts as the Executive Director’s proxy when the ED is off site
Direct supervision of Montessori Teachers and Educational Assistants
Maintains all records according to school policy and procedures; at all times maintain the confidentiality of information
Responsible for the safety and security of the building and student environment; including implementing all emergency drill procedures according to standards and in collaboration with the Executive Director
Collaborates with the office manager on the creation, maintenance, and implementation of the health office, student records, staff records, and other areas where support may be warranted
Perform all other job duties as assigned

Required Qualifications:
Certification from MACTE accredited institution
Bachelor’s degree in education
Experience in instructional design development and the MTSS process
Experience working with students from diverse backgrounds and SPED/ELL populations
Effective oral and written communication skills

Desired Qualifications:
Valid Minnesota teaching license
Masters degree in education
Administrative license
Prior leadership experience

Application Process
Submit a cover letter, resume, application, and supporting documentation to

Visit for application and more information.
Three Rivers Montessori Charter School is an Equal Opportunity Employer and strongly supports a diverse and inclusive workplace.


This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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