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Head of School in Chicago, Illinois


Busy Bees Montessori School

BACKGROUND: Busy Bees Montessori School is a privately funded school for children ages 6 months to 6 years old.  Certified Montessori teachers lead each classroom. The school gives highest priority to communication between parents and teachers about children’s performance. Teachers expect and welcome dialogue with parents. The school offers equal opportunity to all and is non-discriminatory.

PHILOSOPHY: The Head of School should serve as a centralizing leadership figure within the school and the local community. The Head of School will work closely with, and report directly to, the director. The Head of School will tend to the issues that concern the school as a whole and will facilitate communication /build consensus among the teachers, staff, and families. The Head of School should have a larger vision for the future direction of the school while continuing to support and encourage the preservation of the Montessori philosophy through the school.

QUALIFICATIONS: Minimum of a B.A. degree, with 0-3 or 3-6 Montessori training education required. Administrative experience in an educational setting with demonstrated leadership qualities required.




• Responsible for the administrative success of all school programs.

• Ensures that the school is in compliance with all applicable governmental laws and regulations.


• Coordinates scheduling of, and attends, all required school functions and activities.


• Serves as Business Manager for BBMS.

• Executes the financial policy set by the Director, including communicating director policy and decisions to parents and prospective parents

• Assists the bookkeeper and Board Treasurer with financial issues and long term planning.

• Applies for and maintains grants.

• Assists in coordination and execution of fund-raising plans.

• Serves as a resource for the Fundraising Chair



Teaching Staff:

o Teaches on classrooms

o Assists Head Teachers and Personnel Chair in recruitment of teaching staff

o Supervises the Spanish and Music teachers/programs, coordinating across all classrooms Non-Teaching Staff:

o Selects and employs non-teaching personnel in conjunction with Board o Advises Board on the need to dismiss non-teaching staff when appropriate


All Staff:

o Administers equitable systems of compensation, working conditions and professional development of all staff in cooperation with the Personnel Chair

o Where necessary, counsels and advises school employees

o Advises Personnel Chair.



• Represents and explains the BBMS school mission program to prospective families.

• Oversees and coordinates recruitment of students.

• Informs parents and prospective parents of enrollment policies.

• Performs all admissions tasks necessary to achieve BMS objectives.

•Oversees and coordinates enrollment of graduating sixth graders into respective middle schools.


• Works with Head Teachers to coordinate curricula.

• Helps guide Head Teachers in achieving their educational goals.

• Coordinates and attends all Head Teachers meetings.

• Serves as liaison between teachers and parents to resolve classroom issues.

• Maintains school discipline policy in a consistent and respectful manner.



• Coordinates all internal and external school communications.

• Serves as spokesperson for BBMS.

• Maintains constructive liaisons with other educational institutions and associations.

• Facilitates communication among all of the school’s constituents and encourages their participation in BBMS activities and events.

• Represents BMS in the community at large.



• Oversees daily operations of school, ensuring a safe and friendly environment.

• Attends tasks and responsibilities associated with successful operation of school (e.g. communication, security, maintenance) in an as-needed and sometimes hands-on capacity.

•Supervises maintenance of all school equipment.

•Supervises the maintenance of BMS as an aesthetically attractive and safe environment, in cooperation with the Maintenance Chair.

• Maintains all lease and mortgage arrangements.

• Advises Board on facilities and equipment improvement.



• Remains informed of trends, research and legislation that may affect BBMS management, operation and policy.

• Advises Board when policy changes or action may be necessary.

• Maintains a comprehensive set of records on students, staff and prospective students.


• Serves as non-voting member of the Board and is expected to attend all Board meetings and functions.

• Keeps the Board President informed of all aspects of school operations.

• Brings to the Board’s attention issues that may require Board action or Board education.

• Communicates all Board policies and changes to the teaching staff and non-teaching staff and to BMS members.

• Serves as a resource for the Board in developing new policies and initiatives.

• Serves as a resource for the Treasurer and the Board on financial matters.

• Represents the Board and Board decisions and policies to parents when appropriate.


TO APPLY If interested, please submit a current vitae, cover letter and written educational philosophy statement to: Maricela Mata HOS Search Committee


This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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