Job Opening for 2023-2024

Guide/Lead Montessori Toddler teacher in Miami, Florida, US

Montessori Lead Toddler Teacher- qualifications  candidates must have certification from one of the following-Montessori organizations AMI, MACTE, AMS and IMC. certification. The applicants should have a  B.S., B.A. degree or higher in Education, Early Childhood Education/Child Development; or o B.S., B.A. degree or higher out of field WITH at least twelve (12) college credit hours in early childhood education/child development AND at least 480 hours experience in an education setting serving children ages birth through eight (8).
The job description includes Establishing and maintaining Montessori classroom culture, paying particular attention to the needs of students or parents new to the Montessori philosophy
Lead with enthusiasm, confidence, punctuality, and team spirit
Plan, prepare, and maintain all units of study, lessons, and materials
Ensure that children arrive each day to a clean, well prepared Montessori learning environment.
Spend at least 30 minutes daily preparing the classroom for the following day
Contribute to classroom and facility clean-up as requested by the school administration
Regularly review student progress, teaching priorities, and classroom concerns with Assistant Teacher
Maintain individual student records necessary for progress monitoring
Call to the attention of the Administrator any students with special difficulties or needs and be prepared to discuss with parents.
Implement and update curriculum as student needs dictate
Contact and meet with specialists and/or parents regarding children with special needs
Plan and prepare children and the materials needed to perform two annual shows for families
Promote healthy eating practices, encouraging grace and courtesy during meal times
Care for all classroom animals and plants
Organize teacher planning days for changing out materials, cleaning, reorganizing works, and providing feedback and trainings as needed
Record-Keeping: keep a active system of recording each student’s progress for parent conferences and complete student records to be submitted to the Administration at the end of the school year.

Special qualifications:
certification from  Association Montessori International,American Montessori certification ,MACTE or IMC certification.

Link to more info:
Any interested candidates should  submit a complete resume to, to schedule an interview via zoom or at the school.

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