Job Opening for 2023-2024

Founding Shared Services Partner in Aurora, Colorado, US

Job description:
As the Founding Shared Services Partner at WMPSC Aurora, you will develop and operationalize the charter school’s vision, governance, and administrative support for six microschool sites, in collaboration with Teacher Leaders. The Shared Services Partner reports to the Board of Directors.

Our Mission
The mission of Wildflower Montessori Public Schools of Colorado (WMPSC) is to provide families with child-centered, authentic Montessori education that bridges academic outcomes and social-emotional development through intimate learning communities deeply rooted in place, equity, and belonging.

Essential Responsibilities

Start-Up School Launch:
Enhance and implement a Year 0 startup and operations plan for WMPSC in alignment with CSI authorizer expectations, enrollment goals, state and federal requirements, and Wildflower Teacher Leader School Startup timelines.

Governance and Operations:
Develop reporting standards and protocols in conjunction with Teacher Leaders and Finance Contractor.
Maintain compliance reporting schedule and communicate all charter school requirements to Teacher Leaders, Finance Contractor, and CSI.
Maintain and track all charter compliance systems and requirements, including metrics to help sites meet accountability expectations, monitor these systems, and ensure schools maintain all records required to certify compliance.

Stakeholder Engagement:
Collaborate closely with the WMPSC Board and Founding Teacher Leaders in planning, developing, and operating microsite locations in Aurora.
Develop and operationalize a comprehensive communications plan alongside Teacher Leaders to advance and support WMPSC.
Partner with The Wildflower Foundation to ensure all commitments outlined in the Network Membership Agreement between The Wildflower Foundation and WMPSC advance WMPSC Aurora’s mission.

Systems Development:
Design and implement WMPSC enrollment, reporting, human resources, financial management and student information data systems, in collaboration with contracted staff.

Shared Services Coordination:
Identify and steward key community and back office partnerships and shared services that strengthen Teacher Leaders’ ability to focus on hyperlocal family engagement in an effort to deliver innovative, identity-affirming Montessori learning environments co-created by the communities the sites serve. This includes hiring charter-wide staff and contractor roles.
Maximize access to UPK funding and public subsidies for low-income families charter-wide.

Minimum Qualifications
5+ years of experience leading successful charter school operations and governance
Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree preferred

Preferred Attitudes, Knowledge, and Skills

Entrepreneurial Leadership:
You are flexible, open-minded, see opportunity in obstacles, and are energized by using creativity and resourcefulness to anticipate challenges and create solutions to problems.
You have the aptitude, stamina, time, and appetite to raise yourself to the challenge of starting and supporting social entrepreneurs who are launching distinct intimate school communities.
You will be a key leader who weaves and supports the interdependence across 1-2 room school sites.

Commitment to Serving Diverse and Multifaceted Communities:
You are eager to increase access to Montessori to racially and socioeconomically diverse communities and are deeply committed to supporting the development of intersectional communities. You understand the role race, along with ethnicity, gender/gender identity and sexual orientation, play in contributing to persistent inequity. You have engaged in culturally responsive and anti-racist practices with the students and families you serve. You have fluency in multiple languages to speak with our stakeholders and families.

A Desire to Learn and Grow:
You are eager to stretch beyond your current experience, to develop new skills and expertise and to more deeply explore your purpose and potential.
You are committed to asking for feedback, support, and help, especially when you don’t have the answers.
You understand the importance of demonstrating effectiveness on state standardized assessments in public schools and are committed to merging innovative instructional approaches with the time-tested, research-backed Montessori method to meet the needs of all students.

Ability to Work Effectively Across a Variety of Stakeholder Groups:
You enjoy and are competent working with a variety of stakeholders in Aurora – including Teacher Leaders, staff, volunteers, board members, donors, and partners – and collaborating towards a shared vision.
You facilitate smooth and efficient operations across school sites while protecting decentralized decision-making and teacher leader autonomy.

Curiosity Toward the Edge of Innovative Practices:
You have an interest in learning and practicing self-management and are eager to join with staff and participate in a system of governance in which autonomy is valued and power is distributed.
This work is ever-evolving; you commit to practicing radical transparency, requesting and sharing advice with one another, participating in conflict resolution processes, and clearly articulating roles and responsibilities to ensure that each staff member is able to lead within their role.

WMPSC Aurora is a small network of microschools in Aurora serving children ages 3-12 and will open its first two sites (30-60 students at each site) in Fall 2023 and grow to six in total by 2025.
WMPSC is authorized by the Colorado Charter School Institute.
WMPSC is a member of The Wildflower Foundation, a national network of Montessori microschools.
The salary range for this role is $85,000-95,000 annually commensurate with experience.
Wildflower Montessori Public Schools of Colorado shall not discriminate, on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, creed, religion, sex or gender, disability, age, marital status, sexual orientation, status with regard to public assistance, or in any other way based on personal identity markers that do not relate to the capacity of an individual person to carry out the responsibilities of a role.

To Apply: Please submit a resume and cover letter to Kristin Levine at

This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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