Job Opening for 2024-25

Exceptional Children Program Assistant (ECPA)-Fall 2024 in Morrisville, North Carolina, United States

Position: Exceptional Children Program Assistant (ECPA) School/Department: Sterling Montessori Academy and Charter School

Reports To: EC Director/Executive Director

Work Week Schedule: Monday-Friday, 8:00a.m. – 4:00p.m.

Work Hours Per Week: 40

Number of Months Per Year: 10

Nature of Work: The EC Program Assistant (ECPA) provides support to the classroom teacher and other professionals in the supervision, instruction, social emotional and positive behavior support of students with disabilities, ages 3-14 years, in a variety of settings, including classroom, recreational and community to achieve established goals and objectives, including personal care and mobility.  The ECPA provides individual assistance with academics, behavioral problems, personal care and mobility, and may lead small group activities as directed. The ECPA assists the teacher with general housekeeping and clerical duties as needed.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

General knowledge of the varying needs of students with disabilities
General knowledge of the practices, methods and techniques used in the teaching of the exceptional children population
General knowledge of the activities performed by the lead teacher
General knowledge of the daily routines of the classroom
General knowledge of student handbook rules and regulations
General knowledge of procedures to follow in an emergency
General knowledge of Montessori philosophy, teachings, and practices
General knowledge of the curriculum for the assigned grade(s)
General knowledge of Positive Discipline
General knowledge and understanding of behavior strategies/interventions
Ability to constantly monitor the safety and well-being of students, particularly when a student is participating in an inclusive activity
Ability to motivate students
Ability to respond appropriately in emergency situations and to remain calm in stressful situations
Ability to operate necessary equipment (adaptive, audio visual, computer, etc.)
Ability to maintain files and information
Ability to take direction from lead teacher and director
Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions
Ability to establish and maintain effective professional relationships with teachers, colleagues, parents, students, and administrators
Ability to adapt to individual needs of teachers and students and work with interruptions
Ability to understand, manage and relate to students who have may behavioral problems, cognitive and physical disabilities
Strong classroom management skills to assist in maintaining order and discipline in the classroom
Skills to assist with data collection
Competency in basic skills such as reading, math, spelling and grammar
Has punctual and dependable attendance
Has good decision making skills
CPI trained (Required to have or willing to be trained)
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Assist with the delivery of special services for students
Assist classroom teacher with performing specific duties assigned or undertaking specialized tasks to achieve and enhance instructional and behavioral objectives
Work with individual students, small groups or large groups as assigned by the teacher
Assist with behavior modifications as requested by the teacher
Lift, move and operate equipment
Assist students with personal care tasks, including but not limited to, bathroom, clothing, hygiene, diapering, toileting, and wash-up routines
Escort, monitor and maintain supervision of students as assigned within a variety of school environments such as to and from events,  classes, lunch, and other activities as needed according to the IEP and approved policies and procedures students as assigned by teacher or administrator
Assist students with mobility needs (ex., lifting and positioning, assisting in and out of wheelchair, loading and unloading from transportation, navigating in and around the school and on field trips)
Monitor students during assigned periods within a variety of school environments for the purpose of maintaining a safe and positive learning environment
Report student concerns directly and expeditiously to the teacher and assist with student resolution as deem appropriate
Assist with breakfast, lunch, snack, including clean-up if needed
Maintain various confidential records and files
Participate in trainings, meetings, and other professional development activities as directed by the school or department
Perform additional duties as requested by the teacher or administrator
Behavioral Support (1:1 and small group)

Assist teacher with preparing the environment for activities; greet students upon arrival; assist students with belongings; supervise activities, escort students to transportation upon dismissal
Provide direct behavior intervention support across settings as needed
Reinforce learning in small groups; provide one-to-one individual assistance; supervise small groups; assist students with independent lessons and projects
Constantly monitor the behavior of the students and employ strategies as necessary to mitigate behavioral issues; respond to inappropriate behavior as instructed by the teacher; supervise play time and situations where the classroom teacher is out of the room
Collaborate with the teacher to incorporate information outlined in the IEP or provided by parents, doctors, therapists, counselors, etc. in order to understand the needs of and provide for appropriate services for students.
Assist teacher in performing general housekeeping duties to ensure the learning environment is prepared daily (i.e., set up various equipment each morning; put equipment away at the end of the day, sanitize mats, toys, equipment with wipes; ensure student equipment is in proper working condition)
Coordinate with teachers, specialists, administrators, other assistants and staff as directed by the teacher
Engage in crisis intervention techniques as a last resort to maintain the safety and security of the student and others
Collects and charts progress monitoring data for IEP goals (academic and behavioral), BIPs or contracts as assigned by the teacher
Working Conditions and Physical Demands:

Work is considered medium physical work requiring the exertion of up to 40 pounds of force.  Position entails significant walking, bending, standing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, reaching, some pushing and/or pulling, climbing and balancing, running short distances, and possible interventions in order to maintain a safe learning environment.  Assignment may require the ability to physically move students or equipment, position students in specialized equipment and assist with toileting needs or bathroom supervision.

Work Environment:

Employees in this position are required to work in indoor and outdoor environments, and come into direct contact with staff, students and the public.


High School Diploma or GED required
Experience working with exceptional children
Training and/or experience in utilizing specialized instructional techniques such as behavior intervention strategies, picture exchange communication systems, and social stories preferred.

This is a list of general duties and responsibilities of this position.  This is not an exhaustive list and should not be considered as an inventory of all duties, responsibilities, and skills that may be required of the employees assigned to this position.  This list can be revised by the supervisor, with HR review and approval at any time.

This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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