Job Opening for 2022-2023

Elementary Teacher in Louisvile, Kentucky, US

Montessori Torah Academy is a new and growing institution looking to hire a qualified teacher for our elementary classroom. Ideal for a passionate individual who wants to play a key role in shaping our future.

Successful candidates will have:

  • A love for children and learning
  • Mastery over the materials and lessons
  • Great communication and collaboration with school parents
  • Excellent classroom management skills
  • The ability to relate to and work with a wide variety of people and audiences
  • Efficient planning and record keeping skills

Job responsibilities:

The teacher will guide and support the development for each child in their room. The teacher will “follow the child”, allowing each student to discover their path of learning, while energizing their inner potential. The teacher will develop, prepare and give over the Elementary Curriculum (Ages 6 – 11). The teacher will use record keeping strategies and assessment tools to monitor each student’s progress. The teacher will cultivate the parent-teacher relationship ensuring each family feels connected and part of our school.

Serious inquiries should be directed to:

Rabbi Nisanel Lindell

Educational Director
Montessori Torah Academy
4615 Lowe Rd., Louisville, KY 40220
502.290.5186 (School office)
502.305.6993 (Fax)
This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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