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Elementary 6-12 Teacher in Versailles, Kentucky, US

Versailles Montessori School, VMS, seeks an IMC/AMS/AMI credentialed 6-12y elementary teacher for the 2024/2025 school year and beyond. It is possible to start earlier if circumstances permit.

VMS is currently in its 36th year enjoying our days on our ten-acre, rural campus. I am fortunate that my staff and I have a respectful and supportive relationship. I feel it is unique to VMS that the teachers feel ownership of their teaching, just as the children do for their education, and they are supported by VMS administration. Before I speak about the position, here is what my current teacher has to say.

I have been a part of the Versailles Montessori School’s elementary program for 15 years, both as an assistant and head teacher for 10 years. It is now my time to graduate.

If you are looking for Montessori employment, VMS is ideal. The VMS campus sits on 10 acres of beautiful Kentucky bluegrass. We have ample space for outdoor activities and teaching. The classrooms are spacious and complete with all the Montessori materials. VMS is more like a second home than a workplace. Our principal, Tony Guagliardo, is accommodating, sweet, and the best boss anyone could ask for. He will support you, and allow you to do true Montessori the way your training has taught you to do. You will be asked to give a lot to the kids because Tony believes more than anything that we are here to serve the children. But you will also be supported and guided in any way that you need.

If you are looking for a place to do true Montessori, to serve children, and be supported in a down-to-earth, practical way. Versailles Montessori School is the place for you.

Ryan Branstetter – VMS Head Elementary Teacher

From August – May, VMS cares for children 4 months – 6th grade, having started an infant program this year. Currently, the elementary class is combined, 1st-6th, sharing two adjoining rooms and a complete set of Montessori materials. We have 26 elementary students and two assistants that support the teacher’s goals. One of our assistants is trained in the Barton Reading method to assist students needing additional support.

VMS is not a parent-run school. The IMC/AMS/AMI staff collaborates with AMI-trained administration to bring forth the best in all our students, and parents. We participate with AMS’ Pathway of Continuous School Improvement as we sustain a quality Montessori program. The staff meets almost monthly from 1:00 – 5:30 pm so we can coordinate our efforts in service of our students.

Throughout our ten-month school year, we mostly follow the Woodford County public school schedule closing for fall, winter and spring breaks, along with various holiday closings. Our current calendar is on our website,

Our campus has a wetland, high tunnel greenhouse, and animal barn for our two Katahdin sheep. On snowy days the elementary students sled down our front hill, boil potatoes, and make hot cocoa. One year we had Tibetan monks visit the class, creating sand mandalas. Later that afternoon the students introduced the monks to their first sledding experience. We enjoy bringing in specialists such as artists, sculptors, actors, and environmentalists to share their talents and inspire the children.

The elementary teacher is responsible for assistant expectations training, record-keeping, planning lessons, and parent-teacher conferences. Along with those typical duties, the teacher participates by writing a brief monthly section for our newsletter, producing a gala auction item/experience, and conducting parent education nights.

VMS staff receives tremendous support from the administration as we address the needs of the children. You will never spend your money on any school-related task. You will have access to quality, continuing education such as Positive Discipline, Teacher-Child Interaction Therapy, and Montessori conferences.

Benefits include: commensurate pay, paid vision, dental, and term life insurance, half-price student enrollment, individual health insurance (you pay $80/m), and the ability to invest, pre-tax, in an HSA and retirement plan.

If you are interested in learning more, email the principal, Tony Guagliardo,

This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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