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Children's House Full Time Assistant Guide in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Job Description: Children’s House Full-Time Assistant for 2024-25

Creekside Montessori School has an opening for a Children’s House Full-Time Assistant for the 2024-25 school year. The assistant works closely with the guide and helps prepare and maintain the Montessori environment. The assistant will assist the guide to ensure the child’s development is supported spiritually, socially, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. The assistant is also responsible for aiding the guide in maintaining the operation of the classroom in accordance with State of MN Rule 3 guidelines, the Department of Human Services rules, and Department of Health guidelines and requirements.

A Bachelor’s degree and MACTE-accredited Montessori certificate or Montessori Assistants training certificate is preferred. All employees of Creekside should feel passionate about our mission to serve an economically diverse population. Good interpersonal skills are necessary. The assistant should have the ability to work not only with children but with parents and other staff members as well. A positive and open attitude toward all children is a requirement. All staff at CMS must also be committed to anti-bias anti-racist work. Competitive wage and benefits package.

Our school is proud to be a mission based school that serves families of all economic and cultural backgrounds. We value diversity not only in our students, but also our staff. If you are interested in joining our school, please send your resume and cover letter to Anne Estes, Head of School, at
Creekside Montessori School, 106 East Diamond Lake Road Minneapolis, MN 55419 612.825.5914 ·

Objectives of the Assistant role:
1. Supports the work of the guide.
2. Assists the guide in preparation and maintenance of the prepared Montessori
environment as directed.
3. Is responsible for cleaning the environment, refilling supplies, and properly
storing all classroom and bathroom supplies.
4. Assists the guide with the care and maintenance of classroom materials,
including the lunch dishes, bathroom materials, and classroom laundry.
5. Assists in the preparation of curriculum materials, as directed.
6. Repairs materials and equipment as necessary or directed.
7. Phrases directives positively when speaking with the children.
8. Works with individual and small groups of children as directed by the guide in
the classroom and the outdoor environment.
9. Shares the responsibility for the safety and physical well being of the children at
all times. The children are not to be left unattended, and the classroom ratios
must be maintained on the playground.
10. Helps with maintenance of the inventory of the classroom.
11. Helps with the maintenance of accurate classroom records, as directed by the guide. Maintains and assists with Transparent Classroom, the online record
keeping system.
12. Reports any and all incidents/accidents at once. Prepares written report stating
date, time, nature of accident and action taken.
13. Shares questions and observations with the guide.
14. Attends Parent Conferences in fall and spring.
15. Initiates growth and change in his/her own intellectual and professional
development, seeking out conferences, courses, and other opportunities to learn.
16. Notifies the Head of School immediately of personal and professional difficulties
with children, parents, or staff.
17. Protects the privacy and peace of the children at work.
18. Collaborates with colleagues and the school’s leadership in the design and
implementation of innovation within the context of the school’s overall program
and Mission.
19. Models integrity, curiosity, responsibility, creativity, and respect for all persons
as well as an appreciation for racial, cultural, economic, and gender diversity.
20. Attends all staff meetings.
21. Positively contributes to and respects the well being of Creekside Montessori School — its facility, its students, its parent community, its board and its staff.

This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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