Job Opening for 2024-25

Adolescent Science & Land Stewardship Guide in Pittsboro, North Carolina, US

Job description:
The Adolescent Science & Land Stewardship Guide is passionate about working with and empowering adolescents. They will be a part of a closely collaborative team of guides in a program rooted in the pedagogy of Montessori Adolescence. The guide will:
● Develop & maintain an inspired learning community by;
○ guiding students to explore applied science and regenerative agricultural practices &
○ support other aspects of students’ lives by being an advisor & leading community meetings
○ offer other courses as needed, such as culinary arts or production & exchange.
● Hold optimism for everyone’s potential & provide a variety of experiences to appeal to a
deeper drive for all learners to succeed.
● Bring a high level of emotional intelligence to the team in being able to relate, communicate &
effectively plan their time & interactions with all community members
● Embrace diversity in all its forms, create a learning environment that fosters respectful
interactions with peers & adults from all cultures & belief systems
● Model curiosity & adaptability for students to prepare students to become independent,
adaptable & responsible global citizens.

Contract type: Full-Time
Contract term: 10 months
Start Date: August 12, 2024
Salary Range: $43,728-$74,533 (based on experience and education)
To apply: Please complete online application found at and send resume and
cover letter to

Special qualifications:
Required: Bachelor’s Degree & willingness to obtain NC licensure within 3 years; Preferred: Montessori credential from a MACTE-accredited training program (ideally Secondary 1), NC middle grade English or Social Studies professional educator license(s), experience teaching in a Montessori setting (ideally Adolescent level)

Link to more info:

This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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