Job Opening for 2024-25

Adolescent English Language Arts & Humanities Guide in Pittsboro, North Carolina, United States

Job description:
Willow Oak Montessori is a collaborative community of professionals passionate about engaging every child in an inspirational and equitable individualized learning journey. The adolescent teacher is passionate about working with and empowering adolescents. The Adolescent ELA/Humanities teacher will be a part of a closely collaborative team of guides in a program that strongly follows the Montessori philosophy and tenets of a Montessori Adolescent Program.

They will:
● Develop & maintain an inspired learning community by;
○ guiding their students to explore English communication & humanities concepts;
○ supporting other aspects of students’ lives by being an advisor & leading community meetings
○ offering other courses as needed, such as culinary arts or production & exchange.
● Hold optimism for everyone’s potential & provide a variety of experiences to appeal to a deeper drive for all learners to succeed.
● Bring a high level of emotional intelligence to the team in being able to relate, communicate & effectively plan their time & interactions with all community members
● Embrace diversity in all its forms, create a learning environment that fosters respectful interactions with peers & adults from all cultures & belief systems
● Model curiosity & adaptability for students to prepare students to become independent, adaptable & responsible global citizens.

Special qualifications:
Required: Bachelor’s Degree & willingness to obtain NC licensure within 3 years; Preferred: Montessori credential from a MACTE-accredited training program (ideally Secondary 1), NC middle grade English or Social Studies professional educator license(s), experience teaching in a Montessori setting (ideally Adolescent level)

Link to more info:

This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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