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7th/8th Grade Science Teacher in New Haven, Connecticut, US

Elm City Montessori School, launched in August 2014, is New Haven’s first public Montessori school. We are committed to actively building an Antibias Antiracist school community. We currently serve approximately 300 students between the ages of 3 and 13. New Haven, Connecticut is a thriving arts, cultural, and education hub, located in the center of a growing community of public Montessori schools.

About the position: The Teacher (Guide) leads instruction in their certified subject area classroom, reports to the Principal, and works in collaboration with Classroom Assistant, SEL Team, and Coaches. This is a full time 10-Month (unionized) position through New Haven Public Schools with required August Training before the school year begins.

Required Qualifications: This position requires certification to teach in the public schools in the State of CT and experience with project based/land based/Montessori learning. Candidates should have a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field.

Preferred Qualifications: The ideal applicant has a Master’s Degree in Education or a related field, has experience as a public school teacher and/or is trained in the Montessori method, is excited to collaborate as a member of a teaching team, supervising children, and supporting instruction for students with special needs and multilingual learners. S/he/they is kind, caring, compassionate, enthusiastic, well-organized, bilingual (Spanish), and creative with excellent written and oral communication skills.

Key Components of the Position:
– Planning and presenting instruction in academics and social emotional learning in the classroom, outdoors, and in the larger community
– Differentiating instruction to ensure growth for all students
– Collaborating with classroom, level, and school teams to plan curriculum, instruction, and assessment
– Partnering with families through regular communication to support children’s growth
– Participating in professional learning in social emotional skills, academics, and Anti-Bias Anti-Racist work

Areas of Responsibilities:
– Developing and modifying instructional materials to appropriately meet the academic, physical, and social emotional needs of all learners
– Developing instruction that supports learning in the garden, microeconomy, work in community
– Completing weekly lesson planning for all children, including Montessori lessons and reading and ABAR (Anti-Biased Anti-Racist) instruction
– Planning formative and summative assessments around benchmarks and measures of proficiency
– Collects data and progress using appropriate systems and tools on a weekly basis
– Commitment to engaging in outdoor learning (ex. gardening, hiking, camping)
– Is excited about building an interdisciplinary curriculum with colleagues

Anti Bias Anti Racist Work
– Plans and shares work with our ABAR Learning Themes, including One Book, One School into the monthly learning cycle in the classroom
– Integrates ABAR learning into the areas of Cosmic Education (History, Science, Geography, etc.) and into the work on the land and in communities
– Participates in monthly ABAR professional learning and actively commits to self work

Social Emotional Learning
– Plans lessons in social emotional learning that support children in following classroom procedures and grace and courtesy
– Helps maintain order and discipline and assists in managing the behavior of students, mediating conflicts and supervising for safety
– Communicates with families regularly to support social emotional growth and safety

Differentiation and Support
– Uses data and record keeping to plan differentiated lessons to support children in need of additional support
– Participates in SRBI/Intervention Planning to plan interventions, to collect data, and to monitor children’s growth
– Communicates with families about children’s needs, support plans, and progress

Family Partnership
– Shares weekly updates with families in Classroom Newsletter
– Proactively communicates about children’s progress using appropriate school wide tools
– Works collaboratively with families to plan for supports for children’s academic and social emotional growth

Collaboration and Professional Learning
– Communicates and interacts regularly and appropriately with students, faculty, staff and administration, maintaining positive relationships
– Meets regularly with classroom team, engaging in planning of activities
– Attends and actively participates in all require professional learning and events including work with Social Emotional Learning, Academics, and ABAR

– Maintains all professional certifications necessary
– Performs other duties as assigned

Compensation: Based on the unionized NHPS salary scale (aligned with experience and education) and additional 10% based on extended school day and required family events.

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This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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