Job Opening for 2024-25

6-9 Lead Teacher in Riga, Latvia

Position: Elementary Teacher (Ages 6-9)
Program: Ages 6-9 Integrated Montessori and International Baccalaureate (IB) Education
Start date: August 1, 2024
Schedule: 8am – 4pm (+ Flexible Fridays!)
Reports to: Alona Zmitrovich, Director
Salary: Commensurate with experience (€1,300 – €1,700 net / €2,000 – €2,400 gross)
Contact Email:
School Website:

Job Description:
Curriculum Development and Delivery: Teach curriculum with IB PYP and Montessori methods, deliver personalized lessons, and support English language learners.
Classroom Management: Foster a positive, organized environment, promote student independence, and ensure safety and resource maintenance.
Student Assessment and Progress Tracking: Regularly assess students, maintain achievement records, and provide constructive feedback for learning support.
Collaboration, Parent Engagement, and Professional Ethics: Work with colleagues, supervise assistants, communicate with parents, promote school programs, and commit to ongoing professional development and ethical standards.

A successful candidate will have:
Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree.
6-9 / 6-12 Montessori teaching certification from a recognized institution (MACTE, AMI, AMS, etc.).
Valid teaching credentials from any country (per Latvian visa requirements).
Native or near-native English language proficiency.
Previous teaching experience in Montessori.
Strong communication and organizational skills.
A commitment to embracing and promoting IMSOL’s blend of IB and Montessori principles.
International Baccalaureate experience is helpful but not required.

Personal Attributes:
An infectious spark and passion for teaching
Ability to guide the class through an engaging, inquiry-based approach
A dynamic, inspiring, and supportive presence in the classroom.

Why choose IMSOL:
A supportive, kind, considerate administrative team
Fridays free for planning and meetings, while the students are with specialists
School located in downtown Riga (not on the outskirts!), with easy transportation options to work
The chance to live in a fairytale-like, affordable city

Please send cover letters and curricula vitae to Alona Zmitrovich, the Director, via email at

For more information about IMSOL and our unique educational approach, please visit our website at Download information at IMSOL-Job-Description

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