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Head of School in Canton, Ohio


Canton Montessori School (CMS) is a not-for-profit school for children ages 18 months through Grade 6, including Toddler, Pre-Primary, and Elementary programs based on the Montessori educational philosophy. Enrollment is 125 children. Certified Montessori teachers lead each classroom environment. The governing body is a Board of Trustees. CMS is a member school of the American Montessori Society (AMS) and is currently on Stage 5 of the AMS “Pathway of Continued School Improvement”.


The Head of School will serve as a centralizing leadership figure within the school and the local community. The Head of School will work closely with and report directly to the Board of Trustees.

The Head of School will create a positive culture for all staff and students, provide administrative and professional leadership for faculty and staff, build a strong parent community, resolve student issues, ensure sound financial operations and support academic programs adherent to the Montessori method. The Head of School will also educate the community and prospective families as to the school’s philosophy and mission, leading all fundraising and enrollment initiatives.


Minimum of a B.A or B.S. degree with knowledge of Montessori education strongly preferred. Administrative experience in an educational setting with demonstrated leadership qualities required.




  • Executes the financial policy set by the Board of Trustees, including communicating Board policy and decisions to parents and prospective parents.
  • Assists the Business Manager and Board with financial issues and long term planning.
  • Manages Business Manager and assures adherence of expenses to budget and utilization of “best practices” in all financial affairs.


  • Implements a harmonious management strategy focused on developing a strong professional team, and facilitates effective and appropriately transparent communication.
  • Teaching Staff:

o  Leads recruitment of faculty needed to implement the Montessori philosophy and that aligns with the school’s culture.

  • Non-Teaching Staff:

o  Selects and oversees non-teaching personnel.

  • All Staff:

o  Administers equitable systems of performance review, compensation, working conditions and professional development.

o  Where necessary, counsels and advises school employees.


  • Represents and explains the Montessori philosophy and school educational program to prospective families.
  • Oversees and coordinates recruitment of students, implementing effective marketing tactics to encourage interest in addition to creation and implementation of policy as it relates to persistence, retention and completion.
  • Informs parents and prospective parents of enrollment policies.
  • Performs all admissions tasks necessary to achieve Board enrollment objectives in keeping with established standards and procedures.
  • Coordinate process for Financial Aid policy, leveraging, and implementation.


  • Facilitates teaching staff in achieving educational goals.
  • Coordinates and attends all teaching staff meetings.
  • Serves as liaison between teachers and parents to resolve classroom issues.
  • Maintains school discipline policy in a consistent and respectful manner.
  • Establishes and oversees programs for before and after care, child care during school breaks and Elementary trips.
  • Holds general operating responsibility for the safety and well-being of all students.
  • Approves and administers rules and procedures governing the student body.


  • Designs and implements student programs and services – appropriate to the needs of those enrolled – and designs systems of scheduling to accommodate these programs and services.
  • Administers efforts that provide sufficient support for student programs.


  • Facilitates communication between CMS and its family constituencies, keeping them informed of needed information regarding the school and their children and encourages their participation in CMS activities and events.


  • Coordinates all internal and external school communications.
  • Serves as spokesperson for CMS.
  • Maintains constructive liaisons with other educational institutions and associations.
  • Represents CMS in the community at large.
  • Works to maintain programs that contribute to relations with the local community – particularly with those people and organizations in regular contact with the school.
  • Encourages meaningful alumni, parent and partnership participation in events that aid and support the goals of the school.


  • Works with the Board and Parents Association to coordinate fundraising efforts.
  • Works with the Board in pursuit of grant funding, other fundraising avenues available to the school.
  • Assists in coordination and execution of fundraising plans.
  • Takes a lead role in the solicitation and cultivation of major donor prospects.


  • Coordinates scheduling of, and attends, all required school functions and activities.
  • Responsible for the administrative success of all school programs.
  • Ensures that the school is in compliance with all applicable governmental laws and regulations.


  • Oversees the operation and maintenance of all school facilities and equipment ensuring the environment is an aesthetically attractive and safe environment and in keeping with the character of the school.
  • Recommends changes or additions necessary to implement student programs or to maintain desired standards of appearance, safety, and adequacy.
  • Develops an information technology strategy that protects student privacy, safety, and enables positive educational outcomes.
  • Advises Board on facilities and equipment improvement.


  • Remains informed of trends, research and legislation that may affect CMS management, operation and policy and advises Board when policy changes or action may be necessary.
  • Maintains a comprehensive set of records on students, staff, alumni and prospective students.


  • Serves as non-voting member of the Board and is expected to attend all Board meetings and functions.
  • Keeps the Board President informed of all aspects of school operations in a timely manner.
  • Brings to the Board’s attention issues that may require Board action or Board edification.
  • Serves as liaison between the board, faculty, staff, and families. Communicates all Board policies and changes to the teaching staff and non-teaching staff.
  • Serves as a resource for the Board in developing new policies and initiatives.
  • Represents the Board and Board decisions and policies to parents when appropriate.


Please submit via email a current CV or Resume, cover letter, and written educational philosophy statement to: Quinn Parker, President, Board of Trustees:

Job Type:  Full-time

Required experience:

  • Administrative Experience – Educational Setting: 3 years
This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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