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Dynamic Grade 5/6 Teacher for Montessori Inspired Outdoor School in Sarasota, Florida, US


About The School:
Roots Nature & Leadership Academy located in south Sarasota, FL inspires the child’s creative spirit, inquisitive mind, love of learning, and compassion for others and the world. Our dynamic learning environment seamlessly integrates both inside and outside spaces where we ignite the senses and encourage learning through the use of natural surroundings and materials. Our innovative and holistic academic curriculum nurtures the whole child by honoring their individual interests, learning styles, and journey. Beyond supporting the development of children, we care deeply about nurturing families, and fostering community.

As part of our vision to reimagine education, our beautiful school campus offers a magical outdoor classroom environment surrounded by forests and nature trails. This is combined with indoor specialty rooms such as the library, music room, zen den (used for meditation and yoga), art lab, and specialty subject rooms (e.g. aquatics, botany, and zoology). We believe that immersing children in nature builds a strong sense of connection to the world, to others, and to themselves.

Our inspiring curriculum combines Montessori and nature-based materials in our Morning Flow where we honor a student-led approach, with a focus on mathematics and language. During Special Skills children have an opportunity to deep-dive into the wonderful world of music as they learn to play instruments (e.g. piano), yoga & meditation, gardening, cooking, art, etc. In the afternoon the emphasis is on project-based learning where we aim to inspire a love for learning with an emphasis on teaching children how to learn, rather than teaching them what to learn. Our curriculum is one that nurtures the whole child, honors individual interests and learning styles, and develops leaders who can thrive with purpose in the future that awaits them.

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We Are Hiring!
We are seeking an energetic and experienced educator who is on a mission to reimagine what’s possible for education, and has a love for learning, growing, and being part of something special. Someone who is passionate to be part of growing something from the ground up, and sees each challenge as an opportunity, with an understanding that with inspired and continuous action, the vision will come to fruition.

Does This Sound Like You?
The following statements represent the general spirit of the type of teacher we are looking for at Roots Nature & Leadership Academy. Read through the statements below to see if they align with who you are and what inspires you.

● I have a talent for guiding children on their own personal student-directed learning journey.
● I build strong and positive relationships with children that are based on trust, respect, and collaboration.
● I thrive in a dynamic learning environment and have the ability to improvise and make creative changes quickly.
● I aim to inspire children to become confident, kind leaders and to instill a love of learning.
● Each child is unique. I can easily adapt the curriculum and my leadership style to best support their learning journey.
● I consider myself to be a lifetime learner, someone who is always looking for opportunities for personal and professional development.
● I LOVE to be immersed in nature, to learn about the natural world around me, and to inspire children to foster a connection to the earth. I love gardening, composting, and getting dirty.
● I shine in collaborative working environments, am always open to new ideas, welcome change, and learn well from peers and other experts.
● I go above and beyond and welcome the opportunity to engage in some after-school activities and school events.
● I believe we are desperately in need of a paradigm shift in traditional education and that our future depends on this. I feel called to be a part of this change.
● Taking care of my physical and mental health through eating healthy whole foods, physical activity, reducing toxic exposure, etc., is a predominant focus in my life.
● I strongly believe children thrive when their environment fosters hands-on experiential and real-life learning.
● I am very energetic and love being outside in nature all day.
● I love to laugh, have fun and I bring joy into everything I do.

Educator Responsibilities Include:
● Effectively and intentionally implement and continuously develop a dynamic curriculum that combines multiple pedagogies including Nature-Based Education, Montessori, Project-Based Learning, etc. in a respectful, caring, safe, and loving environment that is anchored in mindfulness and centered around the development of the whole child and their unique learning abilities.
● Track student progress and participate in open-dialogue with parents about the child’s progress.
● Work creatively and independently to adapt the curriculum and daily routine to specific circumstances, weather conditions, and learning interests.
● Openly communicate and collaborate with the founder and other teachers to co-create curriculum, culture, and systems for a successful school.
● Effectively manage parent engagement and communication in a compassionate, positive, and supportive manner.
● Involve the parent community in the learning journey through facilitating on-campus visits, educational evenings, and family-centered curriculum that supports families with the continued development of the whole child.
● Beyond educating the child, support the development of the family, and nurture a strong school community.
● Participate in a handful of school celebrations and festivals outside of regular school hours.
● Help maintain the campus gardens.
● Participate in regular cleaning and tidying of indoor and outdoor class spaces.
● Partake in some classroom administration tasks specific to your students.
● Set up and put away outdoor classroom elements daily that require storage in the barns overnight.

Essential Educator Qualifications:
Here is an overview of the ideal qualifications we are looking for in an educator. If you do not meet all of the below qualifications but you think you would be the ideal candidate for this position, we encourage you to apply.

● Bachelor’s degree in education, or a related field
● Minimum of 10 years teaching experience, including a minimum of 5 years experience teaching 5th/6th grade
● Upper Elementary Montessori training, certification from MACTE accredited institutions and a minimum of 3 years teaching experience in a Montessori environment
● Experience and/or training in outdoor education
● A deep-seated passion for nature, wellness, mindfulness, self-exploration, and child development
● An understanding of how to assess learners without standardized tests and scores
● Is an expert at guiding children’s self-regulation and can facilitate self-esteem, self-compassion, self-discipline, and a growth mindset, as well as instilling empowering beliefs in the children that will set them up for a lifetime of success in all facets of their life
● Excellent interpersonal skills including strong verbal and written communication skills with children, co-workers, and parents
● Has an energetic passion for leadership, is a natural problem solver, and is incredibly resourceful—doesn’t require a lot of hand-holding
● Always open to feedback and continuous growth—is a lifelong learner
● Has high emotional intelligence and is empathic, patient, cooperative, flexible, supportive, and organized
● Has a very strong work ethic—describes themself as having a “do whatever it takes” mindset
● Feels very comfortable with a highly engaged parent community
● A robust background of varied experiences showing a passion for continued growth and development
● Up for the professional challenge of creating something new, and the physical challenge of working outside most of the day
● Up to date First Aid/CPR training

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