Job Opening for 2023-2024

Principal (PreK-8th) in Littleton, Colorado, US

General Qualities & Dispositions
Puts students and teachers first. The student body is at the heart of our school, and we look to recruit and select a school leader who makes decisions in the students’ best interest. Teachers and staff are the critical foundation of our successful school. A strong candidate for this position will have a history of recruiting and retaining the highest quality school personnel. They will motivate staff success and professional fulfillment through collaboration, mentoring, and leadership development.

Fosters a positive culture of teaching and learning. At MPA we want every child to love learning, and every teacher to love teaching. We are seeking a school leader who will inspire the students, families, and staff to believe in and live up to the school’s vision and mission, high expectations, and core values. They will embrace learning, connection, and community as well as academic best practices and continuous improvement for all. Our new school leader will demonstrate a high level of professional maturity, including: maintaining composure in stressful situations; bringing out the best in others; and a dedication to seeking solutions.

Engages families and the community as partners. As a public charter school, MPA continues to develop a unique and special relationship between the school and the neighborhood community. Our school leader will nurture partnerships with students, parents, and the local community as a key strategy for improving student learning outcomes. A strong candidate for this position will have experience building positive relationships with a diversity of stakeholders and be excited to spearhead further expansion of the middle school program.

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