Job Opening for 2023-2024

Montessori Preschool Lead Teacher in Kigali, Kicukiro, RW, Rwanda

Age 3-6  Preschool Teacher in Kigali, Rwanda
As a  teacher at Dove International Montessori School (DIMS), you will be working with children aged 3 to 6. Your roles will include;

– Preparing lessons/materials for the class.
–  Supervising and engaging in creativity activities related to all areas of the curriculum
– Tracking individual student’s academic, social and emotional progress in accordance with the school’s record keeping and reporting systems.
– You will write academic reports including all areas of the curriculum, as well as a narrative description of the student’s overall progress as well as development.
– Maintain trust relationships with students and successful partnership with parents to create a school community where respectful and collaborative interactions are the norm.

This is a great opportunity for certified and experienced Montessori teachers to join our school.
Please submit a letter of interest, resume and reference letters by emailing;

Special qualifications:

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This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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