Job Opening for 2024-25

Lower Elem. Lead Teacher in Winter Haven, Florida, US

Job description:
Reports To: Principal/CEO
Salary Range: $47,500 – $67,692

Custom Job Purpose:
This position exists to ensure that all students learn the basic and essential skills at each grade level.

Essential Functions of this Job:

Classroom Responsibilities: We are seeking a dedicated educator to join our team at CJM, with a focus on delivering comprehensive and engaging Montessori and standards-based lessons that align seamlessly with the CJM mission and vision. The ideal candidate will collaborate closely with students to develop cross-disciplinary individual work plans that resonate with the school’s educational philosophy. Creating a secure, effective, and nurturing classroom environment is paramount to this role, ensuring an optimal learning space. The successful candidate will possess the ability to identify academically at-risk students and adeptly implement intervention strategies. Additionally, attendance and active participation in IEP meetings, as well as overseeing the implementation of supplemental educational supports, is expected. Collaboration with special education teachers, interventionists, and classroom parent volunteers is a key component of this position. Lastly, the role will involve enthusiastic involvement in all school-based professional development activities, contributing to personal growth and a commitment to educational excellence.

Leadership Responsibilities: A Lead Teacher will take on a leadership position within our school community. Lead Teachers play a pivotal role in shaping school-wide instruction, assessment, professional development planning, and overall school management. Lead Teachers will work collaboratively with colleagues to identify and address student learning needs, contributing their expertise to instructional unit planning. Active involvement in school-wide planning will help maintain consistency and coherence across classrooms and throughout the school. Additionally, Lead Teachers will have the opportunity to contribute to productive staff meetings and provide guidance during teacher meetings, fostering a collaborative and cohesive educational environment.

Community Responsibilities: A Lead Teacher will have the opportunity to regularly meet with parents and conduct parent conferences, fostering open communication and collaboration. Furthermore, engagement in enriching educational experiences goes beyond the classroom as Lead Teachers participate in and even lead field trips when relevant, enhancing the learning environment. Additionally, active participation in CJM community events is encouraged, as it not only strengthens the bonds within the school community but also enriches the overall educational experience for both students and their families.

Non-Essential Functions of this Job
Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Possess knowledge in teaching standards, with a strong grasp of federal, Florida state, and county requirements, including a deep understanding of Florida’s B.E.S.T. State Standards. Knowledge of Montessori learning and teaching theory is essential, encompassing the diverse learning abilities, preferences, and experiences of students. Moreover, a Lead Teacher will have the ability to foster creative, cross-disciplinary classroom projects that align with students’ interests, gifts, and passions. Proficiency in utilizing various assessment tools and data analysis to adapt and enhance instruction is highly valued. Excellent communication and collaboration skills are vital, as Lead Teachers will work closely with administration, staff, teachers, specialists, and parents. Building and maintaining strong relationships with students, families, and colleagues is a key component of this role, ensuring a supportive and enriching educational environment.

Education, Experience and/or Certification/License Requirements

Required: Must possess a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Must be Certified, Qualified and Highly Qualified as defined by the Course Code(s) assigned.

Preferred: Certification or willingness to get certification from AMI (Association Montessori Internationale), AMS (American Montessori Society), MACTE (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education), or other widely recognized Montessori program. Other preferred qualifications include Experience working at a public charter school, ESE Certification, Gifted Endorsement, and CPR and First Aid certification.

Special qualifications:  We require this Florida certification area: Elementary Education (K-6)  We require the candidate to have completed or be currently pursuing both the Reading & ESOL Endorsements.

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This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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