Job Opening for 2022-2023

Lead Teacher - Early Childhood in Westfield, Indiana, US

Children’s Montessori House, Westfield, IN, seeks Early Childhood Lead Teacher.

Job description:
Children’s Montessori House believes in creating a learning environment designed to help children experience the world around them and develop academically, socially, and emotionally while creating the foundation for a lifetime of learning. We are seeking an individual with a passion for fostering the development of young minds.

Our prepared Montessori environment includes materials and activities that are developed for early childhood learning and helps children to develop the skills, ideas, habits, and attitudes essential for performing to their true capabilities. Further, we are a year-round school that offers summer programs outside of the normal school year.

We have an opening for a full-time certified Early Childhood Education Teacher starting in the fall of 2022. In this role, you will be responsible for leading a mixed-age Montessori classroom of children ages 3 to 6. You will be the lead teacher Montessori classroom fully equipped with materials and the classroom ratios are 1:10.

Our ideal candidate:
Must have certification from a MACTE accredited institution.
Possesses a bachelors degree
Passion for the Montessori philosophy and ability to articulate the principals of this philosophy to parents
Genuine warmth and love for guiding children and their families along with a passion for helping children reach their highest potential
Can lead and manage the classroom while engaging all students
Build strong relationships to partner with students, parents, and colleagues
Willing to work during at least one school break (fall, winter, spring)


This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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