Job Opening for 2023-2024

Adolescent Math Teacher in Gilbert, Arizona, US

Creo School is seeking a creative, collaborative, and compassionate Math Teacher (“Guide”) for its growing adolescent program. This individual will work part-time (25 hours/week) alongside other guides and specialists to foster an exciting and experiential learning environment that is aligned with Montessori’s vision for young adolescents.

Our beautiful farm campus in Gilbert, AZ is home to our middle school program (grades 7-8) and our new and expanding high school (grades 9-10 currently). Alongside the business students operate, the farm provides numerous opportunities for hands-on, project-based learning and real-life application of mathematical concepts.

Responsibilities of the Math Guide:
Teach Math to mixed-level groups of students in grades 7-10
Incorporate Math materials from the Math Institute, alongside specially curated lessons and materials of your choosing, for grades 7-8
Incorporate McGraw Hill’s Reveal Math textbooks to grades 9-11, which combines Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II over three years
Create interesting lessons and content that will feed student curiosity and further their progress in understanding mathematical concepts
Incorporate short and long-term projects into the learning process
Supervise student progress in achieving national standards and mastering skills through the use of both traditional grades as well as applying a holistic approach that evaluates students conceptual understanding through direct teacher student interaction.
Write narrative evaluations of each student’s progress 3 times per year
Communicate with other guides, the program director, and parents as needed

Qualified individuals have the following qualifications:
A BS (or higher) in a math or education related field
At least 3 years experience teaching Math to ages 12+

Highly qualified individuals have the following qualifications:
A BS (or higher) in a math or education related field
Certificate or Diploma of Adolescent Studies through a Montessori affiliated program
Experience in an established Montessori adolescent program or other progressive learning environment

Please send CV/resumes and three sample lesson plans to the program director at

This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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