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Academic Support Interventionist in New Haven, Connecticut, US

About the position:
The Academic Support Interventionist is responsible for providing instructional supports for students in intervention or with individualized education plans (IEPs) in grades K through 8, reports to the Director of Student Support and works in collaboration with classroom teams and special education teachers. This is a full time 10 month position with required training at the end of August before the school year begins.

Required Qualifications: Experience in teaching in public schools. Candidates should have a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field, Master’s Degree preferred.

Preferred Qualifications: The ideal applicant:
● has training in math instruction and/or has experience teaching math in a public school setting
● has experience with using computer based instructional programs to provide targeted instruction, and gather / analyze data
● has experience working with special education students and understanding of IEPs
● has experience collaborating as a member of a teaching faculty and an understanding of how to work collaboratively with school teams and families
● is kind, caring, compassionate, enthusiastic, and well-organized
● has excellent written and oral communication skills
● is bilingual (Spanish)

Key Components of the Position:
● Reviewing and analyzing student performance data
● Planning differentiated lessons based on data and individual student need
● Presenting differentiated lessons to small groups or individual students.
● Collaborating with classroom and school teams to share instructional work, set goals and plan together
● Partnering with families through regular communication to support children’s growth
● Participating in professional learning in social emotional skills, academics, and Anti-Bias Anti-Racist work

Areas of Responsibilities:

Instruction & Intervention
● Reviewing and analyzing student progress through math intervention program
● Using data to plan small group or individual lessons for math intervention
● Effectively delivering engaging math intervention lessons that result in student growth
● Monthly comprehensive math data reviews to identify any adjustments to instructional groupings or practices
● Participates in SRBI/Intervention team to plan interventions, to collect data, and to monitor children’s growth
● Reading and understanding IEPs to gain an understanding of student goals and objectives
● Collaboration with special education team to plan instructional supports for special education students
● Providing engaging and effective lessons and executive functioning supports for special education students.

Anti Bias Anti Racist Work
● Reviews intervention systems and plans with Anti Bias Anti Racist lens, examining race, gender, language, ethnicity
● Builds and uses curriculum that represents the learners’ identities and cultures
● Actively participates in self work, Math, and learning about own bias and its impact on actions and relationships

Family Partnership
● Proactively communicates about children’s progress using appropriate school wide tools
● Works collaboratively with families to plan for supports for children’s academic emotional growth

Collaboration and Professional Learning
● Communicates and interacts regularly and appropriately with students, faculty, staff and administration, maintaining positive relationships
● Meets regularly with classroom team, engaging in planning of activities
● Attends and actively participates in all require professional learning and events including work with Social Emotional Learning, Academics, and ABAR

● Maintains all professional certifications necessary
● Performs other duties as assigned

Compensation: $45,000 to $65,000 based on qualifications and experience

Interested applicants may fill out ECMS Employment Application:

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This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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