Job Opening for 2021-22

3-6 Lead, Assistant in Boca Raton, Florida

Looking for a 3-6 Lead and Assistant

If interested please contact Ms Leah at


Montessori Guides (Lead Teachers)

To guide the child on his/ her discovery of their own truth and independence

  • Ensure that each child is greeted as they arrive
  • Responsible for following the child’s interests and needs
  • Ensure that the environment is educationally and aesthetically appealing/ inviting to the child
  • Responsible for monitoring and maintaining the equipment and supplies within the classroom
  • Responsible for establishing and building rapport with each child
  • Regularly observe and record the child’s progression in the classroom
  • Responsible for observing, analyzing and providing materials and activities appropriate for the child’s sensitive period
  • Ensure that communication is maintained with parents on a regular basis
  • Responsible for participation in the professional community and professional development
  • Expected to attend school functions, in-services and staff and meetings when necessary


Montessori Assistant (Assistant Teachers)

 Assist in establishing and maintaining the Montessori classroom culture, paying particular attention to the needs of the students

  • Prepare and maintain the environment, observe behaviors, model grace and courtesy, preserve and protect lessons, and assist in the development of independence
  • Monitor the environment to make sure students are not overwhelmed and anxious
  • Engage students within the classroom by interacting and by thinking about what is happening around them
  • Clean-up of the classroom by ensuring that it is always tidy
  • Carefully observe and keep records on each student’s individual progression through the classroom, always be available to offer gentle guidance
  • Assist individual students in performing activities initiated by the guide in small group or on to one setting
  • Repeat what the guide says and re-explain each step of an assignment
  • Supervise children in the hall, playground, and/or extended day programming
  • Inform the lead guide of any classroom difficulties including discipline, health, equipment needs, repair, and maintenance
  • Assist in preparation/production of instructional materials
This service is provided as a courtesy by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies.
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